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Introduction and Disclaimer

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Gillette existed as an independent company from 1901 until 2001 when it was merged/submerged into P&G. I had a chance to archive this amazing company from the summer of 2006 to late spring 2008. I have, in my head, and because of my interests, a file cabinet, full of ads and stories about Gillette; wars, expansion, globalization and The Company’s relationship to Boston and specifically South Boston.

In this blog I will write about things related to Gillette, the people and the companyfrom 1895 – 1901 and 1901 to 2001. I will not comment publically about Procter and Gamble or anything they have to do with what is now their “Grooming division.” I still use Gillette razors and products, especially those still made in Boston, Massachusetts.

I welcome comments from any employee or former employee of Boston, Andover and Needham and will include others’ stories with my own.


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