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Some Gillette Christmas stuff

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Since Gillette was an Old Boston company… it had to love Christmas unabashedly.

Merry Christmas.

In 1910 The Gillette Razor Company ran its first group ads. I will publish others in subsequent blogs, but here it a Christmas one.

The Company made it first real money supplying shaving kits to the soldiers and in World War I. This picture ran in "The Blade" the company newsletter in December 1918, one month after the end of the war.

This is my favorite Christmas picture of Z-Building in South Boston.

This is my favorite Christmas picture of Z-Building in South Boston.


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December 23, 2009 at 9:48 pm

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Introduction and Disclaimer

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Gillette existed as an independent company from 1901 until 2001 when it was merged/submerged into P&G. I had a chance to archive this amazing company from the summer of 2006 to late spring 2008. I have, in my head, and because of my interests, a file cabinet, full of ads and stories about Gillette; wars, expansion, globalization and The Company’s relationship to Boston and specifically South Boston.

In this blog I will write about things related to Gillette, the people and the companyfrom 1895 – 1901 and 1901 to 2001. I will not comment publically about Procter and Gamble or anything they have to do with what is now their “Grooming division.” I still use Gillette razors and products, especially those still made in Boston, Massachusetts.

I welcome comments from any employee or former employee of Boston, Andover and Needham and will include others’ stories with my own.

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December 18, 2009 at 4:19 pm

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